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    Replacing colours


      I would like to replace a range of colours with a single colour in an image. I know there is the replace colour adjustment, but this replaces a single colour e.g 190,190,190 with another colour eg 200, 200, 200. I would like to replace a range of colours eg from 185 to 195 with 200, 200, 200. Does anybody know how to do this?




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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          No answers so far, so I'll throw in some ideas.



          Open a Posturize adjustment layer, and reduce the number of colours until the colour range you wish to target merge into one colour.

          Now use Replace colour.

          Turn off the Posturize Adjustment layer.



          Use the Select colour range tool to select the range of colours you wish to target. 

          Open a new layer, and with the selection in place, out a layer mask on the new layer.

          Fill the new layer with your desired new colour.

          Either leave as is, or set the layer blend mode to Color



          Open a Hue Saturation adjustment layer, and use the little Hand to select one of the colours you want to target.

          Drag the sliders on the two colour bars at the bottom of the H/S layer to fully encompass your desired coloour range

          Drag Hue slider to change that colour.  You fine tune by further dragging the sliders on the colour bars to fit exactly your desired target colours.