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    Premiere Pro CC constantly crashing with RED files


      Premiere Pro CC 7.0


      Macbook pro retna display 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3


      After installing an update for premiere pro yesterday from CS6 to CC I have been unable to open a previous project file due to error message on start up: "Sorry, a serious error has occured"


      I thought my project file might be corrupt so I started a new project and timeline but premiere was still having the same crash issue when I tried to import the clips (RED RAW files) from the media browser.  I cleaned my media cache and reinstalled premiere but I'm still having a similar issue - The media browser constantly jumps back to the beggining of each folder when browsing through the thumbnails thumbnails of the RED files, making it impossible to work with the footage.  This also prompts premiere to crash with the same error message if I scroll or click on the files too fast.


      I never had any issues like this using the RED codec with my system and the original version of CS6 and I have edited countless projects with this exact set up.  I feel as though if I had never updated the softwear I wouldn't be in this position.


      Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.