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    Editing quiz text in Presenter 9




      I'm creating up a quiz with Presenter 9, using a .ppt file. I used the quiz manager to set up the quiz, but now I'm trying to go back and do some minor changes to the appearance of the quiz questions. For instance, some words need to be bold, some need to be underlined. I can make the change, but when I save the file, it erases the changes I made. So, nothing is underlined or bolded anymore. Is there a solution to this? I'm working with PowerPoint 2010 on a PC with Windows 7. Thank you!!

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          Hi - I don't have an answer for you but I wanted to echo the question.  I am also working in PPT 2010 on a Win 7 machine.  I will also add that I am making the edits on the PPT slide directly, not in the quiz manager.  If I bold or underline an entire text box and save the presentation, when I open it, my changes are still there.  However, if I bold or underline just one word, it does not save the change.


          If this is a bug is there a place we can report them, or find out if it's known, or if there's a fix?



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            Hi, Mstpierre112,

            I haven't gotten any replies other than yours. I was able to find this bug report form, though:



            I don't know how quickly they fix these things - probably not quickly enough to be useful, but it's still worth submitting, I think.

            BTW, I am doing exactly the same thing you are - try to make edits directly on the PPT silde, not in the quiz manager.

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              This is not a bug , Editing quiz text on slide level  is not supported in Presenter. However  You can customise text and font font  in quiz manager.

              Goto Quiz>>manage>>Appearances. And you can customize fonts.


              Customising the location of text boxes is supported on slide level. 





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                The editing of text on the quiz slides has been a supported function (Versions 6-8) as long as I've been working with Presenter. Since the text formatting isn't a function of Presenter, why would it not allow the formatting of the text in PPT? You can modify the text (change spelling and wordings) without going into the quiz manager, shouldn't bold and underlining text also be a function left to PPT since there is no vehicle to do that in Presenter?


                The Appearances option is good for global changes, but when a single word needs to be called out,  say the word 'NOT' or 'DOES NOT', to clearly indicate what the question is asking, this isn't available through the Appearances tool.