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    motion tweening


      Hi, I've drawn a big scrolling background for an animation I am doing. I have a man walking on the spot whilst the backdrop behind him moves along. It was all going fine, I was using a motion tween etc. However, suddenly right near the end of my animation, the tween stops the backdrop moving any further. I have tried re applying it several times, and nothing seems to work. Is it because my background is too long, and motion tweens have a maximum length? If so can I use a classic tween instead?  The animation is only around a minute long and I'm using cs6.


      Any help would be greatly apreciated!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How many frames are involved? 


          You will probably be better off using Actionscript tweening instead of timeline tweening.  For starters look into using the built-in Tween class, and if you need better performance you can look into using TweenLite.

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            JS-L Level 1

            Hi Ned,


            Thanks for replying... It is about 1500 frames or so. I don't think motion tweens work beyond a certain size. I instead used a classic tween, which has worked, but for some reason, when I export as a png sequence the animation in the classic tween has stopped working, and it has just become a static background (this is not the case when I preview). Any ideas why that would be? Am pulling my hair out a bit.