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    Spark DataGrid Image List Cell

    Dr Crs

      Hi everyone


      I have to build a datagrid with cells that can have multiple images (or just only one)


      The user clicks a button, a new cell is created and depending on several variables the cell is populating with images


      Which is the best way to manage this?


      I can create the cell programmatically and then add an image. But how can i add several images?


      I can create an item renderer for the cell with a tile list (or image list) in. But I dont know how to access this tile list from my function for adding images


      Please if you have some example code, I will appreciate so much




      This is an example I'm talking about:


      Dr Crsgrid.JPG

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          Flexicious Level 1

          It sounds like you want a Group with tile layout within your item renderer. You have not provided the structure of your data provider, but at the very least, you will need something in your dataprovider that has the number of items as rows you want, and the properties that your columns bind to give you the list of images for that row. Then in your item renderer, you would use a tile list or a group with tile layout to render the images.