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    Using 2 kobo readers with 2 Adobe IDs- with one laptop?


      My wife and I both have Kobo readers. We tend to borrow books from the library to read. Have to separate library card/accounts. Maximum checkout is 10 books at a time. We are going on vacation for 2 weeks. Will do a lot of reading in the sun and Kobos are one of the better ways to read in bright conditions.. Will likely finish reading some of the books we load prior to and will need to reload. My laptop and Adobe Digital Editions is set up for my Kobo and library card. Is it possible to take only one laptop- and then download my wife's books onto her Kobo without too much hassle? We are not wanting to take 2 laptops if possilbe. thanks for your help

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          It is easy to use a single machine to handle multiple library accounts (at least with my library, Hampshire UK);

          just enter a different library card number and paassword.


          It is not easy to use two Adobe IDs on a single Windows login account.

          I am not sure if using two different login accounts on your computer allows the use of two Adobe IDs.

          It appears to from a quick experiment, but I haven't tried to complete the experiment.


          If you don't already have lots of bought books for each account, it may be most convenient to share an Adobe ID between you;

          that is what my wife and I do.

          You then register both your Kobos with that ID, and both your computers (up to a limit of 6 devices together).

          Then you can both read books either of you has borrowed, or bought on the single account you choose to use.

          Deregister any devices associated with the account you are abandoning, and reregister with the other account.


          If you do choose a single Adobe account and already have borrowed books on the other account,

          return the books explicitly before deregistering the account you are abandoning,

          and then reborrow them on the same library account but download them to the single reamining Adobe account.