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      It's extremely frustrating that virtually ALL the samples use hard-coded datasets even for some advanced features instead of using dynamic data coming from a database or xml file or web service, you name it.

      All the tutorials that I can google all seem to be too simple (good to get key concepts across) but not good enough as a guide to develop real-world application. People, Adobe developers/programmers, PLEASE, add some sample source code for interacting with the datasource mentioned above.

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          Ivascu Cristian

          You can generate your own sample application that uses a database as a source of data, through the use of the Database Wizard. You can access it via the Data menu in Flex Builder.
          The wizard will ask you for information on connecting to your database (a wide array of database types are supported) and it will generate server-side code to interact with the database as well as a Flex application that uses that data.

          Hope this helps,
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            That's a great insight, but I'm buidling Flex apps using ColdFusion8, see this note " Select a Flex project that uses PHP, ASP.NET, or J2EE with WTP."

            Any workaround to cicumvent it?