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    slice baics

      I just posted an image sliced 6 times onto my website, but I do not have any type of Image Placeholder or anything that the sliced image pieces fit into.

      It looks fine, but I am sure there should be some type of frames or something.

      Here is my website address:

      The image in question is the collage of the eight baseball players on the front of the main page.

      What step did I not follow, if any, to put frames or individual holders for this graphic?


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          I don't understand your question. The page looks fine. The sliced pieces
          fit back together. What is it you are expecting to see that you're not?

          Now - some problems that SHOULD be addressed are the many validation
          errors on the page:

          Often caused by using the HTML output generated by graphics editing

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            troyrecreation Level 1
            Thank you Alec,

            Yes, it does look fine, and I am not experiencing any problems, but when In inserted the slices I just placed them in the Table without any type of holders, frames, etc. If it works, great, but if I skipped an important step, I just wanted to make sure I did it correctly. Also, I did not know if someone's browser or resolution might push the images out of order.

            Also, you mentioned and showed the errors, how might I identify and correct these?

            Thanks so much for your help.

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              I think it would be safer to put your images in a table that has three columns and two rows instead of putting them all in one cell as image, image, image, break, image, image, image. If you put each image in its own cell, you can specify the height and width of the cells to match the images they contain.

              As for your errors, if you take the link Alec gave you, it lists what line in your HTML each error appears and describes the problem. For example, the first error is on line 77, where you declare a table:
              <table width="701" height="127" border="0">
              The problem with this line is that there is no height attribute for tables.

              The way you correct the errors is to edit your HTML. Use whatever program you used to create the HTML...but go to the mode that lets you look at the code rather than using the WYSIWYG mode.
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                Thank you Pixlor,

                While I am a beginner, I want very much to learn the correct way to make my projects professional. I thank you for your input.

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                  If you want to REALLY learn how to do it right (rather than letting
                  Fireworks/Photoshop hack together some HTML for you), then start with
                  the free tutorials at www.w3schools.com. Go through the HTML/XHTML/CSS
                  tutorials and you'll be on your way to doing things "right".

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                    Thanks Alec,

                    Will do.