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    info on an idea that i have

    bford225 Level 1

      hey i have a question about an idea. but it involves both illustrator and indesign.  for the indesign part. question is


      1.  has anyone ever bult an app that has links that open on there mobile device? like a card

      2.  if so how would i build such a thing?


      what i am thinking of doing as a project. is build a bussines card app. where my client or anyone can download from my web site, for new updates.  again this an idea. but i am thinking about it. if so are the stpeps the same way you would make any app.



      the bussiness card will be designed from illustrator.  it will be front and back.


      if you have any ideas on how to go about this cool idea. let me know? i am in the begining of making an app. the one i am working on is from the lightroom and indesign app. for photographers. thats the one i am working on.