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    Weird black line corresponding to clipping path appearing on final image



      I might be the most paranoid person on Earth, but I'm getting weird black lines on my image (the clipping path is around the image, but the lines correspond to the anchors of the clipping path linked together accross the image), and even though some people told me "don't worry, it won't appear, I'm not getting it on my computer", I can't help worrying. Of course, I'll be sending it to the printer soon and he can tell me if there's a problem, but I'd like to understand why these stupid lines are here. There is absolutely no reason, and by changing the way acrobat handles the display of images, I got them to disappear, but they are still there in other pdf viewers.

      I'm supposed to use the printer's joboptions, and they correspond to export parameters for adobe 4 (1.3). The lines don't appear with 1.4 or later. But, of course, I have to use the 1.3...

      What's weird is that there is absolutely no reason for those lines to be here. I checked in PitStop (I downloaded the trial version. I must say, I don't really have an idea how to use it) and that's where I could notice that the lines correspond to clipping path anchors linked together through my image.

      I'm not using spot colors, everything is in CMYK (I double checked). The images are high resolution or vectors. I put my pdf here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/68049919/leofinal2.pdf

      (it's the basic x1a:2001. The joboptions given by the printer give me a pdf that is over 40Mo in size because the images are not compressed and such, but it's exactly the same result anyway)

      Could somebody tell me what's wrong (or what's not wrong) with this pdf, so I can stop worrying about that?

      Thanks a lot!!!