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    cs6 error on startup: missing msvcp110.dll (Nik/Google plugins)

    crlyhds Level 1

      I am getting msvcp110.dll is missing on startup of cs6. Photoshop online help was no joy

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          Same for me.  Any solutions?

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            regularman Level 1

            Microsoft 'upgraded' my IE browser from IE8 to IE9.  I don't use IE, so I uninstalled the 'upgrade' and all is well again.

            This is the second time Microsoft has upgraded my unused browser for me, and the second time it's caused problems with other programs and I've had to remove the upgrade.  At least I know where to look if a perfectly functional program suddenly stops working properly.


            Hope this 'fix' helps others.


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              crlyhds Level 1

              I removed the update to IE 10 and am back to ver 9. Seems to have fixed the situation. However, there have been times that what I thought was fixed was only temporary. Hopefully it will hold. As a side note I unchecked the box for automatic IE update so I should't have to go through this again. When I was a working stiff, we were alyways afraid that once the updates come out, something will stop working. History repeats itself.

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                My solution was to uninstall the NIK update that installed "automatically" without my knowledge and updated files on 10/30.  After uninstalling this update, and reinstalling plug-ins with original .exe file from Google in May, all is working again.

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                  The IE uninstall did not work. I will work on the Nik software next.

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                    Mytmoss Level 1

                    PS.  I had a 330 mb file for Nik dated today. I NEVER downloaded it nor installed it. Uninstalling the Nik software and reinstalling it fixed the problem. Thanks Jo !

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                      Argus Hsieh

                      After I install "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 3", both X86 and X64 revision, it works fine.


                      They can be download from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679

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                        Mytmoss Level 1

                        Additional info recieved from Nik Software -


                        Thank you for contacting Nik by Google.  I'm sorry to hear this occurred.  We had an autoupdate last night that I believe may have triggered this.  It was the autoupdater not functioning properly, not the file itself.  Rather than keep the old version, I would recommend downloading the latest version--the trial from Google.com/NikCollection. Since you previously had a registered version of the Nik Collection installed on your computer, installing the trial will simply update the files for you. Make sure that all host applications are closed as you run the installer, and your plug-ins will be back in place once you re-open the host.