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    Seeking advice: project sharing


      For five years, I've produced a quarterly newsletter (for teh day job) that averages 28 pages. In 2014, I'm preparing to change the project by lowering print run and page count and making it monthly - so we'll be producing the same number of pages in a year, but on a radically different schedule.


      To help me accomplish that, another employee will begin contributing content, including page layout. She uses our same CS5 license in the office next to mine and is comfortable but not confident (i.e. will be a full but junior partner for the first six issues while her Adobe chops catch up with her composition & design skill).


      So the question, broadly, is: what advice would you give in this situation? The coworker and I have done many prjects together over the years, and I'm not at all worried about issues of ego or control. But I've been making this product myself, and have a lot of "shorthands" built in to my workflow that she doesn't necessarily have to emulate. Also, because I've answered to no one for so long, I expect some headbutting as we learn from each other - and might have use for robust version control, so we can see different principles in action on a page.


      Does it make sense to break out InCopy (which we don't currently own) for such a short-distance working relationship? Is there a plug-in by which she could "check out" pages 3 and 4 from my working master, in the way that a Dreamweaver server can handle different versions of an HTML page?