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    After Effects CC and Cinema 4D Errors




      with the cinema 4d plugin installed into my maxon cineware plugin folder in AE CC, using Windows 8.0, I get the following error on startup.


      after effects internal verification failure sorry! {unexpected functionblock5 flags for functionblock4}


      without it installed, AE CC will not recognise any .aec file


      Firstly, I am aware this is a common issue. I am aware it has been posted before.


      However, I see no acknowledgement of this issue from Adobe nor a solution.


      This is not something I expect to see from Adobe as I am a paying subscriber. I just want it to work, I am paying for it.


      Please have an Adobe representative read this and provide me with a solution.


      Secondly, when I do get the .aec file open, it does not extract solids, with the error 'after effects error: internal verification failure, sorry {invalid solid dimensions}'


      I have checked my solid plane dimensions and the composoting tag and external composting tag match exactly. The output settings and my project settings are also the same.


      These issues are causing me delays in completing work. As I have said before, I am a paying subscriber and I would expect some resoultion to these issues and I am disappointed not see any so far.


      Overall a poor and time costly first experience of an Adobe subscription I am afraid.