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    Premiere Pro CC close captions




      I have 2 issues with the Closed captions I am using premiere pro CC on MAC osx 10.8


      1. When entering closed captions this works fine just when you want to edit some of them PP continually crashes how can this be resolved
      2. I want to export the side car file when you render the sequence out the file is not there for the closed captions when exporting I have followed the following steps
        1. under captions selected the following
        2. create sidecar file
        3. Mac Caption Vanc File (.mcc)
        4. 25fps

                the video renders out with no close caption file


      I have tried with the embed file quick time and this works


      what I would like to do now is export the side car file and import this back into the project to see if i can edit the close captions with out it crashing on me


      What are your thoughts on this


      Thanks  Rodney