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    Multi-machine sequence missing from AE?

    Jw56 Level 1

      Hi there


      after i installed the script BG Render, not sure what happened but multi-machine sequence becomes missing from AE as it says on startup that there is an output module missing from after effects, really need to solve this as I am running out of time, if anyone knows how to repair this or a solution please help!




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          Jw56 Level 1

          Can anybody help me with this? Is there a way of finding this output module and put it back into place if possible?





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            Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

            If you have deleted one of the default Output Module or Render Settings templates, there are a couple of ways to get them back.


            1. On a different computer that has the templates, save the templates from the template editor dialogs (Edit > Templates), copy the resulting .aom or .ars file to the machine where the template is missing, and load the saved templates.
            2. Trash the preferences file. If you're using After Effects CC, you only need to delete the Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs-indep-output.txt or Adobe After Effects 12.0 Prefs-indep-render.txt file. For earlier versions of After Effects, you'll need to trash the whole main prefs file (for CS6, Adobe After Effects 11.0-x64 Prefs.txt). To find these files, see the Reveal Preferences section in After Effects Help.