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    Premiere Pro CC crashes after 'loading media'

    Dale Leyland

      Last week I had to swap my media from one HDD to another.


      When next loading up the project Premiere crashed right after the 'loading media' bar was complete.
      No panels or anything opened up like expected. And premiere became completely unresponsive.


      I went back to using the origional HDD but I still had the same problem.
      My soultion was to create an entirely new project and import my media again.


      Today the same thing has happened except I never moved the footage off of the HDD.
      The second project now hangs after 'loading media' too.


      Other projects where all the files are on my internal HDD are fine.


      Ne error report is generated and I have a small chance of being able to open task manager to shut down Premiere. Usually I have to pull the plug to turn it off as it seems to be using 100% of my Disk usage.


      Everything is up to date (6.0.5) and I am running Windows 8 (sorry not sure what information you need :/ )


      Any help would be hugely appreciated!