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    Why is Premiere Pro CC crashing on startup?




      Premiere Pro CC crashes right after it starts to load a project, whether a new one or an existing one. It worked for a moment right after I had installed it, but when I closed it and tried to open it again, it started to shut down with no error message. Same goes for Photoshop CC. I tried Premiere Pro CS6 but it's the same thing with that also.


      I tried to uninstall and reinstall many times. I updated drivers for the video card and installed even a new video card. I signed out of Creative Cloud and signed back in many times. Nothing seems to help.


      My computer is a Lenovo ThinkStation E30 and the video card is Radeon HD 6450 with the lates drivers.


      Please help me! I'm in the middle of a video production and in a bit of a panic right now. I already wasted two days trying to figure this out.