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    Rendering time 12 times faster or slower depending on GPU accelerated effects ?!


      Hi everyone !


      I'm using Premiere Pro CC on a new pretty powerful Windows system (a fast i7 cpu, 64 gb ram, dual GTX 760 cards) and just testing its rendering performance.


      I have a 20-minute video clip with 6-7 video effects applied to it (to its whole length), just for testing purposes. All these effects are GPU accelerated, chosen from the built-in ones of PP. I've also enabled GPU acceleration for the MPE (Mercury  Playback Engine) in the project settings and the render bar across the top of the timeline is totally Yellow (not Red), so everything looks fine and good to go. I'm then exporting it and it's pretty fast, rendering time is roughly 12 times faster than when I export it by disabling the GPU acceleration in the project settings (by choosing the "MPE software only" option). So everyting looks good so far.


      Now, when I add to the clip a single effect that is NOT GPU accelerated (from the PP built-in ones) I notice that the render bar turns totally Red and the export time (always with MPE GPU enabled) is now the same as if I exported it with the "MPE software only" option! (i.e. roughly 12 times slower than before !).


      Is that "normal" guys ? or am I missing something else here ? I mean, is a single effect "enough" to slow down the whole GPU-accelerated exporting process ?! (and essentially "canceling" all the GPU-acceleration speed benefits) ?!


      Can somebody help ? Many thanks in advance !