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    Form display / format - end User

    What does this mean???

      Over the past 7-10 days I have experienced problems with the display of completed forms in both Test mode and from URL. The form does not diisplay with the same format that is in the design view and consequently won't complete correctly.


      This only happens within our business network and appears to be okay when accessed outside of the network. However, from an ongoing support and testing requirement, I need to be able to complete this from within our network. I have spoken to our IT support team and they have come back with the following options which I'm hoping you'll be able to provide assistance with


      This is the finding about adobeformscentral.com run through our network.


      I turn on web tracking and to see where the web traffic goes when ran adobeforms.


      It appears that Adobefromscentral.com is hosted by 2-3 servers, to get to the form, it sometimes goes through 3-4 website before get to the form.  In our work environment, when web traffic exceeds a certain number of hops, it can timeout and just display the page without the page is properly compiled.


      These are the options that you have:


      * Contact Adobe to find out the best practice to setup the form, so that it does not go through too many hops.

      * Contact Adobe to find out the best practice to setup the proxy server