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    Auto-Promote Participants to Presenters is not working

    ASG_Captivater Level 1

      Hi All,

      I'm new to Adobe Connect and we are test driving it to see if we should use it for trainging as part of our virtual classrooms.

      So far I'm really excited by what I see as it seems to be much more training oriented than WebEx.

      However, I've come across a really big stumbling block.

      I want students to contribute and share without having to individually promote them to presenters.

      I found the option under 'Manage Access & Entry' to 'Auto-Promote Participants to Presenters' and thought this issue was solved.

      However, it worked the first time I tested it but ever since it does not work.

      When someone logs in as a guest they are logged in as a participant and NOT promoted to Presenter.

      I've created a new meeting room with the same results.

      I've specified that anyone can log in with the link and the 'Auto-Promote' is definately on.


      Any ideas about why this is not working?


      Many thanks,