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    Comparing RoboHelp X5 and RoboHelp X7

    P Krishna

      Currently I am using RoboHelp X5. Now I am planning to go for RoboHelp X7. But before that would like to know whether any of you have worked in X5 and shifted to X7? What are the important features available in X7 that X5 lacks?What are the advantages in X7?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Nobody can truly answer that as you ask what are the "important" features. What is important to you will be of no consequence to another person.

          What I suggest you do is take a look at the page about RH7 on my site that fairly briefly outlines the key features introduced. When you have seen the brief details, follow the link at the end of that page to John Daigle's more detailed Reviewer's Guide.

          If after that, you have more specific questions, come back here and someone will be pleased to help you.

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            P Krishna Level 1
            Thanks for the details. Going through your site helped me to get a fair idea about RH 7. Your view on "important features" is absolutely right. What I am thinking about is "why should I go for RH 7 when already I have RH 5". For this I am trying to find a solution. Recently our company upgraded to MS-Office 2007 products. Only after installation I found RH 5 is not working with that! So now for my system alone the MS-Office version is 2003!! In a way I am missing the latest and interesting features of Office 2007. This is one of the reason why not RH 7. But this is not enough a reason. I want technically a sound reason to move from RH 5 to RH 7. In the coming days I will get to know how good is RH 7 in comparision with RH 5 from experienced persons you.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I am sure your IT people would support you moving to RH7 as for them having one person on a different version of Word is not the best arrangement.

              The ability to be able to have multiple topics open in RH7 has to be of some productivity benefit. Snippets and variables could also be good levers in arguing the case to upgrade, assuming that you could use those features to your benefit.

              From a professional point of view, having knowledge of the latest versions is important so that you can keep your knowledge up to date. Eventually people doing our job will need some knowledge of Word 2007. The sooner you acquire that, the more of an advantage you have. Often people in an office look to the technical authors for assistance with Word so being on an older version means you cannot help. Sometimes that might be useful but it is also something that helps sell the value of having a techical author around.

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                MergeThis Level 4
                You'll not be able to work with RH X5 when you upgrade to Vista, so get a sense from your IT folks as to when that will be happening. RH7 is supported on Vista.

                Good luck,