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    Converting Indesign to Illustrator

    Frenchpolisher72 Level 1

      I have a 52pp leaflet designed and artworked with InDesign CC. The leaflet will eventually go inside a box that I have designed and artworked using Illustrator CC.


      To save costs, the client has chosen to have everything printed in China by the same printer. They are requesting all arworks in Illustrator and herein lies my problem. I can't seem to find a way to convert my InDesign file to a multi-page Illustrator file. Individual pages can be exported as EPS but lose editablility and get sliced up.


      I know I should be able to supply high resolution PDF, indeed the printer has also requested this.


      For now can we put aside suggestions such as "find another printer" ot "just send a PDF"? Is there a solution other than having to recreate the artwork almost entirely from scratch? If not can I use my InDesign type style sheets in Illustrator?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          You asked us not to recommend the obvious, and thus I won't ... 


          Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator were designed to be complementary, but certainly not to be interchangeable. InDesign's forté is layout while Illustrator seriously excels at complex illustration. Typically Illustrator content is placed into InDesign (normally as PDF) when the graphic requirements exceed the already ample capabilities of InDesign. Illustrator is most often the choice of packaging professionals because of its ability to handle exceptionally complex designs. And many printing companies that specialize in packaging print such packaging directly from Illustrator, either with or without an intermediate PDF file. SInce you client has chosen a printer based on ability to print packaging, that is probably the reason for the request for Illustrator files.


          Unfortunately for you, there is no simple way of doing what you want other than placing the 52 pages of PDF exported from InDesign into the comparable “pages” in an Illustrator document's artboard. (Note, you had better check with the Chinese printer. They may actually want 52 separate Illustrator files and in a format of a much earlier Illustrator release!)


          Another thing to consider is to contact the Chinese printer's CSR directly and explain your situation. Maybe for non-packaging content that doesn't need to concern itself with folds, varnishes, die cutting, etc., a properly-created PDF/X-4 file may be all they really require. Doesn't hurt to ask!


                    - Dov

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            Frenchpolisher72 Level 1

            Thanks Dov


            That's pretty much as I thought, but best to check eh? Luckily the printer as agreed to accept just the PDF for the leaflet, I didn't fancy starting that all over again!