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    Flex Automaion Using QTP 9.1

      I'm using QTP 9.1 with Flex Automaion Plugin. I have encountered a situation where automaion scripts do NOT properly work in the code segments where i use descriptive programmping. E.g In the below code the FlexBox object description has been given using descriptive programming and it gets ignored and the script retreives automaiton name of the first FlexBox in the given content grid. Idealy I'm expecting it to got to Else logic and exit the action when the particualr FlexBox does not exist. But this does not happen any more. This peice of code has been working so far and from couple of days before it started behaving starangly. Please help?

      'Pass the Submission name to the below variable as a parameter from the QTP Data Table
      l_strSubmissionName = "first"

      'Following Retrieves the property: "automaionname" of the FlexBox to be passes to FlexDevideBox as an argument when the "DoubleClick" event is trigered
      Set obj1 = Browser("Agent").FlexApplication("Agent").FlexCanvas("mainScreen").FlexDividedBox("Home") .FlexPanel("casesPanel").FlexDividedBox("index:15").FlexDataGrid("contentGrid_5").FlexBox( "automationname:=.*" & l_strSubmissionName & ".*")
      If obj1.Exist(2) Then
      l_strAutoSubmissionName = obj1.GetROProperty("automationname")
      'Double Click the submission you passed as an argument
      Browser("Agent").FlexApplication("Agent").FlexCanvas("mainScreen").FlexDividedBox("Home") .FlexPanel("casesPanel").FlexDividedBox("index:15").FlexDataGrid("contentGrid_5").DoubleCl ick(l_strAutoSubmissionName)
      End If