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    Output to PDF does not retain links

    Teri White
      I have 4 Webhelp projects that output to PDF files. RH7 is supposed to retain hyperlinks in the PDF file and it did on the the first volume I converted and compiled. But the second volume is not retaining the links even though I have "Add links to PDF" and "Retain hyperlinks" checked in the Print Documentation panel checked. Once the PDF file is generated none of the links that don't actually give the path work. In the first project all the links between topics work fine...in this one they don't. Both projects are similar age, created in RH5. This is straight text (Compliance manuals) with nothing strange. The links were all created with drag/drop.

      What am I missing? The first project 'just did it!". This one "just doesn't!!". Thanks in advance for any help!!!