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    You will be billed!


      Sorry it might just be some pretty bad wording by adobe, but I thought signing up to behance was free, however now I am it tells me I will be billed through my creative cloud, and that I am linked with prosite??


      If this costs money I want out straigh away, I pay plenty enough to adobe already.

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          garethsnaim Level 1

          I now get an email say As a Creative Cloud subscriber, ProSite is now available at no further cost to you, then goes on to ask how I want to be billed for it?


          Who writes these things?

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            sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee

            Hello - sorry for the confusion. What is your Behance URL? I can check on the status.


            Behance is free, but ProSite, our premium service, is not. However, as a Creative Cloud subscriber, you do get ProSite for free, as long as you link your Behance and Creative Cloud accounts, and choose "bill me through creative cloud" rather than "pay for Prosite separately."


            Let me know, thanks!

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              garethsnaim Level 1

              Hi there, I think its sorted, I just think your wording in the emails etc could be a lot cleaer, as I am a member of CC, then its free, but it then says I will be billed via my CC subscription, that is ambiguity right there!

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                sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee

                Thanks - I'll bring that feedback to the team! Let us know if anything else comes up.

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                  Hello, i just started to make my behance portfolio, so i would love to have a prosite but...

                  I just read that i could be charge for it, even when i already have my membership with Adobe for Creative Cloud.


                  So before i get charged for anything extra just because "somebody" make a mistake writing the terms.... I have the same question:





                  Basically what does this paragraph means exactly?

                  • " - Bill me through Creative Cloud." This means that ProSite access will be included with your paid Creative Cloud membership at no additional charge. - "
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                    sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee

                    Hello - I just took a look at your account and you're all set - since you chose "Bill Me Through Creative Cloud," this means that you're getting ProSite FOR FREE! We're changing the wording to be more clear, but you will not be charged.

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                      Isaura_CG Level 1

                      Thank you so much for you quick response and such great support.