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    Keep Everything centered and scale

    SFS-DPS Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to keep everything centered and have it scale down if the browser window is smaller.


      So I made everything one big symbol and put it in a rectangle. But that seems to not be working.


      What am I missing here?


      Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 10.18.09 AM.pngScreen Shot 2013-10-31 at 10.18.02 AM.png

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, SFS-


          Centering is a little complicated to do because you're trying to center the upper left hand corner of your rectangle or image.  There's a way to do it via code (you basically calculate the current size of your resized object, then take the distance from the center of the object, and then set your top/left based on its relation to the page or Stage's center).


          Hope that helps,



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