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    Magic Bullet Denoiser II Plugin Not Showing Up in Effects Panel on CS5.5

    ntreuter Level 1

      Very bizarre. I have Looks working, as well as a trial of Neat Video.


      I have tried holding down SHIFT to reload the plugin cache.

      I have tried reinstalling Denoiser II , including older versions of it.


      Of note: Reviewing the Plugin Loading Log shows the following:


      Loading C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\CS5.5\MediaCore\Magic Bullet Denoiser\Denoiser2-64.aex

      Loading from disk...

      No loaders recognized this plugin, so the plugin is set to Ignore.


      Following this thread (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4058748), I saw in the Registry that IGNORE is flagged as (1), which means to ignore upon load.


      Manually changing as that thread recommends, however, doesn't help, as when I reload Premiere it resets the IGNORE flag to (1). Which is of course as the message indicates (No Loaders Recognize, so setting to Ignore).


      I'm stumped here. What does it mean by No Loaders REcognized? I'm working with Magic Bullet support also and they don't seem to have an answer either.