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    How to merge a CS3 Flash class and an ActionScript class with mxmlc

      I have a simple Flash movie with a few components (FLVPlayback and text fields). The code is in an external .as file. The class in that .as file is configured as the movie's document class. When I publish this to SWF in Flash, the compiler merges the stage objects with the ActionScript class code in the external file.

      I would like to do exactly this but with an mxmlc-based build process (FDT) and I'd like to know if this is possible.

      What I had in mind was to export an .swc from Flash, but without the external class file, just the stage with the few graphical objects. Then I'd like to have mxmlc compile the .as file and merge the result with the stuff in the .swf or .swc generated by Flash. The question is how can I merge the .as class and the class in this .swc file? Is there a way to tell mxmlc to merge these things if they share the same class name? I guess I'm looking for something similar to the "Document Class" feature provided by Flash CS3.