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    f4fpackager credential password

    EastMan Level 1

      We would be grateful if someone from Adobe Media Server Team could help me with the problem described below. 


      We are stuck. We are supposed to go live Jan 1 2014 but the project is in danger becasue of this problem.


      We can't complete the testing becasue we are unable to encrypt the content with the F4FPackager because we don't have the credential password, and we can't get help from Adobe Support because we have not purchased  AMS product and support contract. But we can't get this purchase approved without completing testing.


      Here is the problem.



      We are trying to use the f4fpackager to package and encrypt files to test PHDS. The command fails because we don't enter the correct credential password for the required parameter --credential-pwd=.


      According to the packager reference docs, the password string is used to secure the packager credential which we understand to be phds_production_packager.pfx.


      We are using the following article as a guiding doc.

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/adobemediaserver/devguide/WS52621785137562064e356405139d7c36d4 e-7fff.html


      We are running the following command:

      f4fpackager --conf-file=f4fpackager_config.xml


      Here is the content of the f4fpackager_config_xml file:


      <!-- This is only a few of the basic settings, you can continue to add  -->
      <!-- more settings.  All the settings that are possible in the    -->
      <!-- f4fpackager can be found when running the help command in the  -->
      <!-- the packager.              -->

      <!-- The file that needs to be fragmented ex. example.f4v-->

      <!-- The path in which the output files should go, sarting from the -->
      <!-- current dierctory  ex. output/path        -->

      <!-- Target length of each fragments in seconds.   -->

      <!-- Target length for each segment in seconds. -->










      Below you can see the errors. We have copied the certificates and media to the f4fpackager to keep things simple.


      Error 11 is the result of entering a string for the password.

      Error 10 is the result of not entering a string.




      Where can we get the credential password? Please Media Server Team. Help us so that we can go ahead with the purchase.

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          Chandan_Abhishek Level 3

          The password which has been used to create packager-credential file (.pfx), is scrambled using the Scrambler tool bundled with FAXS and is used as credential-pwd.

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            EastMan Level 1

            Thank you for your reply Chandan_Abhisheck.


            Where is this Scrambled string? Are we supposed to have access to this scrambled string or do we need to create another one by runing the scrambler tool ourselves? Maybe we are missunderstanding the directions on how to package and  encrypt content?


            We do have a trial version of Adobe Access Pro, but we have not used it yet. 

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              Chandan_Abhishek Level 3

              For PHDS, you don't have to use Adobe Access Server and it is used for content protection for HDS using Adobe Access. You can go through following link to know more about content protection:


              http://help.adobe.com/en_US/adobemediaserver/devguide/WS5262178513756206-4b6aabd1378392bb5 9-7fff.html#WS5262178513756206-4b6aabd1378392bb59-7ffdhttp://help.adobe.com/en_US/adobemediaserver/devguide/WS5262178513756206-4b6aabd1378392bb5 9-7fff.html


              Also, you can look for the corresponding tags in the f4fpackager as mentioned in the above link for PHDS.

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                EastMan Level 1

                I had seen before the article that you point to in your reply. I went over it and another article again to see what I was missing. It seems that PHDS is not going to work in our scenario. We need to package and encrypt the content offline. We have a business requirement that does not allow for unprotected content to be stored on the streaming server.


                In the following paragrapth, it is spelled out that, when using the PHDS scheme, content is packaged and encrypted in real-time and not offline.



                The real-time packaging process for on-demand and live Protected HTTP Streaming generates a license, embeds it in the DRM metadata, and delivers it with the media—eliminating the need for communication between the client and a License Server. This process is initiated when a player client requests the protected stream over HTTP; Adobe Media Server will then encrypt the fragments as they are sent and create the required license.


                Do you agree with my assesment that, when using PHDS, content is not encrypted until a player client makes a request?

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                  Chandan_Abhishek Level 3

                  Yes, your understanding is correct. You can not use PHDS with f4fpackager.

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                    EastMan Level 1

                    In that case, it seems safe to conclude that Adobe Access must be used to be able to package and encrypt content offline. In other words, it seems that in order to comply with the business requirement of not storing unprotected media on the media server, we have to go through the process of generating the Adobe Access certificates and credentials needed to use F4Fpackager offline.


                    Please let us know if the above statement is correct.


                    Let me also make mention of an additional issue.


                    We enabled PHDS to test an OSMF 2.0 based player that we have developed for our needs. We wanted to see if the player would be able to correctly handle playback of content protected through the PHDS scheme.


                    The player is throwing error #1009.


                    I am including some screenshots so that you can see what is going on at the moment the error is thrown.


                    DRM Failed 6.PNGDRM Failed 7.PNG

                    Is there a need to change the authentication method from anonymous to credential-based? I have not seen any articles that suggest that a username/password should be supplied to playback PHDS content.


                    The Player that is included in the Adobe Media Server Start Screen does not throw this drm authentication error when playing content protected with PHDS. Why? It is my understanding that the player in the start screen is based on OSMF2.0 as well.


                    Any suggestions? Maybe I should open another discussion.

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                      Chandan_Abhishek Level 3

                      Yes, to encrypt content offline, you need to use Adobe Access Server.


                      I am not sure about OSMF player. But I can see you are getting error # 3301 which means "User authentication failed."



                      You can ask the same in a seperate query.

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                        EastMan Level 1

                        I will spent some time on this issue. I am glad that we are at this point, and want to thank you for taking the time to respond to my quesitons.


                        I will start another discussion if I don't find a resulution to the authentication error. I will hold on for the moment because I found some other discussions on this issue.


                        Let me ask you one last question.


                        When we started looking into the Adobe Media Server, we got a trial copy of Adobe Access Pro and submitted a Flash Access Trial Certificate Request. I was supposed to hear back from Adobe to verify the request but no one responded to us. Now that we know for sure that we have to use Adobe Access, we will need the Flash Access Certificate. What do you suggest that we do?

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                          Chandan_Abhishek Level 3

                          Can you tell me your company name? As it's not possible to look into this without the company name. If you don't want to disclose here, then you can privately message me the name.

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                            EastMan Level 1

                            Thank you for following up on my last post.


                            I would like to provide the company name through a private message, but your email is listed as private. If you have access to my profile, the domain name of the email is the company name used to submit the certificate enrollment request.


                            Also, I want to let you know that we resolved the authentication problem shown above. It was actually a problem with the drmManager having a  null value. For some reason, DRMManager.isSupported returns False when debugging in the AIR simulator, but the same returns True when debugging is done on an actual device.  Strange, but we at least we can now move forward with the project.


                            One interesting thing that we noticed is that when using PHDS, the Administrative Console does not show any active streams or connected clients when devices are streaming. Do you have any idea why that would be the case?

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                              Chandan_Abhishek Level 3



                              In case of PHDS or any other type of HTTP Streaming, the request is handled by Apache Module of AMS and not directly by the AMS and because of this, any active connections or streams is not seen in AMS admin console.


                              Also, I have sent you a private message, you can reply back to the same message.

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                                EastMan Level 1

                                I replied to your private message.


                                Also, I wanted to let you know that, after upgrading the Flex SDK 4.6.0 to AIRSDK 3.9, debugging in AIR Simulator works the same as debugging on an actual device. I guess, the device was using the latest AIR but the simulator was running an older version.


                                The only thing left to do now is to test playback after packaging and encrypting content with Adobe Access. But, I think that, if playback is working well when PHDS is enabled, playback should work well after packaging and encrypting content with Adobe Access.

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                                  Chandan_Abhishek Level 3

                                  I got to know the your request for Flash Access Trial certifiacte was processed long back.


                                  Please refer to the Flash Access Certificate Enrollment Guide (http://www.adobe.com/go/learn_flashaccess_certificate_2) for more information on the certificate enrollment process.

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                                    EastMan Level 1

                                    I guess I needed to approve the request as well. I thought I was going to get an email when it was time for me to approve the certificate request.


                                    A few moments ago, I signed in as administrator and tried to approve the request, but nothing happends when I click on the approve button on the pop up window. Can you take a look at that?