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    Prompt user for values, 2 part question...


      2 part question:


      Part 1:

      I would like to know if it's possible to be able to add a new menu bar, or at least a new menu, not add one to existing menus?


      Part 2:

      I'm trying to create a user prompt, with instructions on how we create a file name using our file naming convention.

      So this would be as follows:


      Prompt: Which dept is creating this PDF

      Prompt: What type of document is this: with a list of possible acronyms they can use.

      Prompt: set the document with a unique name which would be Short and descriptive.

      Prompt: Which office are you sending this doc to:with a list of possible acronyms they can use.

      Prompt: which version...


      once all prompts have been completed, using the values the user has entered, Save the file with those choices.


      Can we do it...lol,

      I hope to hear a "Yes we can"


      I am very adept in javascript, or any web based programing. so get as technical as possible, I'll get it.