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    Master Page Issue



      My co-worker is creating a large booklet (about 120 pages) and is having some issues with master pages, and I was wondering if anyone had a better answer for him.


      My first question: Why do things duplicate if he applies master to all pages? He DID chose to over ride the master page items because he wanted to change the color of the header and footer, but why would it duplicate an element when the master is re-applied? Is thee a way to avoid this?

      My second question: My co worker set up the A-master to have a color-blocked header and footer. This element changes colors throughout the document. If he creates two different master pages (A&B master) and keeps the color blocking on ONLY the A-master, then if he applies the B-master to all pages whatever is on the A-master wouldn't effect the content correct? We are trying to figure out the best way to do this.


      I know these are probably simple answers however I have never had a color blocking issue before to figure out and I don't want to give him incorrect answers. Master pages is a great tool but I don't want it to harm the design especially if he has already created 120 pages worth of content with a different colored header and footer on the pages.


      I really appreciate the input.