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    Need CS6 back or the ability to download it. AS2 Banner work is not dead!!!


      Hi all,


      First let me say I searched a bit around the forums. Yes you USED to be able to get Flash CS6 in Creative Cloud. It's no longer available and it also looks like any link to download the old CS6 is dead. I just bought a new computer and found out the hard way. Now I have to use my old computer to work on Flash. I use it all the time. This is a VERY bad decision. Flash banner work often REQUIRES AS2. This might change, but until then we NEED the ability to get AS2 in our work. Not to mention ever going back to any work we've done in the past that is AS2. Are we now expected to find an old version of Flash to work on our projects? Really, not acceptable. Anybody else have this problem now? Or is it just me?