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    Cannot open ebooks in Overdrive


      I recently downloaded an ebook into Overdrive.  I cannot open it, or any other title,  all titles have "invalid" under the title.  I have updated Overdrive, reset my Adobe password, de-authorized and re-authorized to no avail.  Any ideas?  I just want to read a book! 

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          sjpt Level 4

          Where are you running Overdrive?  On a PC, or on a tablet, or ???

          Does ADE (Adobe Digital Editions) work on a PC/Mac for these books?

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            Kiliuda Level 1

            I am running Overdrive on my iPad.  I've only run it on my iPad, so do not know if it runs on a PC/Mac.  Thanks for taking the time to help!  Greatly appreciated.


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              sjpt Level 4

              Other people have reported authorization issues with Overdrive apps.

              Try the Bluefire app instead; see if you can authorize and then if you can read the book

              (iPad makes it awkward to transfer files from on application to another,

              but it can usually be done even if you have to resort to Dropbox or iTunes ).


              I am not sure if you can use Bluefire to borrow books.

              It will cearly be inconvenient as a regular thing to borrow via Overdrive and read by Bluefire,

              but at least it may help sort out what is wrong.

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                I suggest uninstalling the Overdrive Media Console app and reinstalling it if you haven't done so already.  That has worked for me in the past when I've had to help others. The other option is to go to the your library website using your browser (NOT the OMC app) and log into their ebook portal page.  Once in your account you should see 2 buttons by each book title that allows you to either download or read in the browser.  Choose the read in the browser option (DON'T download this way). It is immediate and generally works pretty effectively. It isn't so much a workaround as a new feature launched this year by Overdrive.  I know some people who never download the traditional way anymore. It's quick and you don't have to deal with the quirks of ADE. This feature is avaiable on most, but not all, Overdrive library ebooks.  Good luck, Glenna