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    Exporting to Poor Quality in CC

    Kleineganz Level 1

      I've only just ran into this problem starting last night. I record videos from my desktop through Fraps - both gaming and online software tutorials. I record in Fraps with the following settings:


      • Video Capture: 29.97
      • Loop Buffer: 30 seconds
      • Locked framerate while recording (checked on)
      • My screen resolution is set at 1920x1080


      I have eliminated Fraps as the issue for the following reasons:


      1. My gaming videos are still fine, it's only the tutorials that are having a quality degredation during export

      2. My source files from Fraps look crystal clear, both in Premiere Pro, and when viewed externally from Premiere Pro.


      After I bring my videos into Premiere Pro, edit, and render, I then export with the following settings:


      • Format: H.264
      • Preset: YouTube HD 1080p 29.97
      • Frame Rate: 29.97 (this is the YouTube default)
      • Field Order: Progressive
      • Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)
      • TV Standard: NTSC
      • Profile: High
      • Level 4.0
      • Bitrate encoding: VBR, 2 Pass
      • Target Bitrate: 8Mbps (I have tried maxing bitrate to 300 with no luck)
      • Max Bitrate: 8Mbps (same here)
      • Keyframe Distance: 90


      My software tutorials are recording from my Chrome browser (the software is an online/cloud type software - Adobe Reports & Analytics to be specific). I haven't run into this problem until recently and it's not affecting my gaming videos at all. Are there any settings I need to tweak or is there something else going on? Here is a screen capture of how bad the video looks: