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    Move the created (and modified) symbol to another div.




      Let's say i have a container (it's a symbol... sym.container=sym.createChildSymbol("container","containers");)

      1. Created a child symbol "object" in one container.


      2. Made several changes to it.

      What i want to do now, is to

      1. Create a new container. sym.container2=sym.createChildSymbol("container2","containers");

      2. delete the symbol the "object" was in. sym.container.deleteSymbol().

      3. Put the "object" (without creating it again, just moving it) in the, new, sym.container2's "containerForObject".

      <out of ideas>




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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Dario-


          When you call deleteSymbol, you're actually deleting the entire instance of the symbol.  Is there a reason you want to reparent the symbol that way?  Another way to handle it is to create the symbol attached to the Stage or a dummy object and then create a link to it using a variable on one symbol or another.  That way, you only create the object once but have a reference to it in one symbol or the other.


          Hope that helps,



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