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    Bridge CS6 Mac cannot browse Mac OSX server 10.8




      We had a drobo file server which was mounted on the desktop and had no issues browseing the volume in bridge.  After we moved to a new Mac OSX server running 10.8 we can no longer browse the mounted server.  We get a primission violation. Using the finder we're able to browse files and folders and create new files without this same type of issue.


      Is there a preference that allows connection to a network volume via Bridge?


      I hope I was clear on the discritpion of the problem.




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          Omke Oudeman Level 5

          Try a reset of preferences for Bridge using option key while restarting Bridge and choose reset prefs.


          There is also a plist file for Bridge in the user library preferences folder that can be manual deleted and will be refreshed after restarting Bridge.


          And maybe run a check and repair permission with either Apple Disk utility or cocktail.


          Unfortunately Bridge is not designed for use over a network nor official supported by Adobe when it comes networks.