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    Why isn't filter gallery available in 16 bit mode?

    sasabombasa Level 1

      I'm using CS 6 is on a Mac running OS 10.8.5.


      I scanned an image using Image Capture which turned it into a tiff. I opened the tiff in Photoshop and discovered that Filter Gallery was grayed out.


      I opened an older Photoshop tiff and looked for differences. The older one, wherein filter gallery was available, was an eight bits per channel document. The new one is 16 bits per channel. When I changed the new one to eight bits per channel, Filter Gallery became available.


      If my (extremely limited) understanding of the  technology is correct, there is more information in 16 bits per channel and hence presumably a richer quality image. On general principle of course I'd prefer not to lose any richness. Is there some way I can get Photoshop to give me access to the filter gallery in a 16 bits per channel mode?