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    Specify image dimensions problems with edge animate on GTmetrix test


      Hey there community!


      I have some problems adding image dimensions with edge. I load edge animate via the div="stage" method and add the edgepreload at top.


      The problem I get is the request will registrer the images and keep making unnecessary reflows and repaints which hurts the performance.


      I want the client to be able to render the images faster with the width and height specification on images, but there is no images to find. the function just grab an image from the image folder.


      Anyone who can help me out? Maybe i should keep the static HTML files in the folder and specifify it there? Or did I publish wrong.


      Or maybe there is another way to add dimensions on images


      Test results from GTmetrix on the site with edge problems. (the site is a webshop under develope, so don't laugh with me )


      Best regards


      Mikkel Madsen