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    Premier Changes Audio Timecode From Drop Frame to Non Drop Frame


      I have searched and searched and found no answer on forums anywhere for this issue. I am making the switch from FCP7 to Premier Pro CC and I have several audio files that are all clearly Drop Frame but when I import them (no matter which of the methods I tried) they all come into the project as "Non-Drop Frame" which of course makes it impossible to match up the timecode of these audio files to my drop frame video files.


      I have already attempted "modify time code" but it does not return the timecode to its source DF. It "appears" to be drop fram i.e. the semi-colon preceeding the frames as opposed to the non-drop colon preceeding the frames, however, when I line it up on my timeline, the video files are drop frame but the audio files remain non drop frame.


      This appears to be a bug but again I haven't used Premier since version 4 about 11 years ago. Does anyone have any suggestions for an import setting I might be missing or a workaround for this issue?


      Thanks in advance for your help