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    Recording multitrack audio in Premiere Pro CC


      Lately I’ve been doing fair bit of video recording, with audio recorded as multitrack with a view of remixing it in post production. The issue is how to sync it with video so I can mix the tweak the audio while I have video showing.


      My current setup is as follows:

      BMD Television studio –  vision is mixed live from 4 cameras and fed into BMD UlstraStudio 4K . Stereo audio mix is fed from audio mixer into UltraStudio and the video recorded onto MacMini

      Audio multi tracks can be recorded in 2 ways - either as  analogue inserts from the desk into 24 chanel audio card ( M-Audio Profire 2626 with 2x Presonus 8 chanel analogue to ADAT convertors )

      We also tried on the weekend recording directly out of Behringer x32 firewire output straight into MacMini  - seem to work OK, and bypassed the need to use M- Audio.

      The software at my disposal is Adobe Creative Suite CC ( Premiere Pro, Audition ) Logic 9 and Cubase 7 plus the standard BMD Media Express, etc. Audio is recorded on another MacMini


      Do I need to keep the MacMinis in sync while recording?

      Someone suggested using something like BMD audio to SDI convertors and embedding the multitrack into video stream. Will that still give me the ability to remix audio in post?


      My overall aim is to streamline the whole recording/editing process. I don’t mind if we need to purchase additional software/hardware to make the whole process better.