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    Upgrade Premiere Pro 2.0?


      Ok I have been happy with my Pro 2.0 since I have had the same equipmetn for years.  I just got a Canon T4i and now I need to edit DSLR HD video.  I hoping to upgrade my old software since buying a new full version is out of the question.  I downloaded Elements 12 and dont like it at all.  Maybe there are updated for Pro 2.0 that will handle what I need, I just don't know.  So far the edited video is choppy and no good.  It looks fine after using a program called Power Director but I want my Premiere!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The first version of Premiere Pro that handled DSLR video with any ease is 5.0, which is no longer available.  Currently you can get CS6, or the Creative Cloud subscription.


          However, neither will offer you any discounts for such an old version of PP.  You'll be paying full price for both.


          And if you've been using the same system since CS2 was released, you will probably want to seriously consider upgrading that as well.  A system that old will not handle this media very smoothly.  I'd estimate you're looking at $1,000 to $2,000 minimum to get things up to speed.

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            WilliamRobertson Level 1

            Thanks Jim.  I have another pretty powerful computer.  As soon as I finished with the remainder of my digital 8 tapes I was going to retire my old set up.  I was afraid that what you told me was the way it was but I needed to check it out.  Can't see paying for a full program though.