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    I'm new: Just starting: Did tutorials: Need extra help: Thanks :)

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      I'm new: Just starting: Did tutorials: Need extra help: Thanks


      I watched all the video tutorials, but I'm not clear on these parts.


      1. How to do a fade in / fade out title intro over the moving scene of the video?


      2. How to adjust the color to saturate / brighten / darken video scenes?


      3. How to make a credits page at end of video?


      4. Also, confused because I have only 2 image / audio clips for my very short video. The first video clip has the audio track with one sound graph displayed when enlarged. The second video clip has audio with 2 sound graph images stacked on top of each other saying R and L, right and left. The first audio clip does not have this, does not look like this. This is confusing. I thought both audio clips should look the same. What's up with this? Do I have something duplicated?


      5. Is there anyone here from South Orange County, California, USA, who would like to be of help to me via email, phone, Skype?


      6. I am a new Youtube Partner / Vlogger and it's taking me quite a while to get the hang of this so I appreciate any helpers.


      Here are my links.