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    Mobile paypal problem

    mikewooz Level 1

      I recently discovered yet another dilemma in regards to PayPal this time.  When I click on the proceed to checkout button on a form, I am taken to the PayPal page, I am given the opportunity to pay as a guest, and I'm able to click on the amount button to see the purchase details.  My problem and I verified this with PayPal tech support is that once you are at the credit card entry page (on a mobile phone), you DO NOT have the opportunity to cancel the process and return to the form, like you can from a tablet or desktop PC.  This creates a problem in that the form data will not be captured, allowing the owner of the form to solicit feedback from his customer.  Again, not an Adobe problem, but this another example unfortunately of the limitations of Formscentral.  I would ask that the design team consider ADDING AmazonPayments as an alternative payment provider.  I have not used it, but the reviews of this payment provider are outstanding compared to most of the reviews in regards to PayPal.


      So.... how about it design team, is this a possibility? 


      Thanks in advance and I hope to hear some positive feedback