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    frustrated - trying to make button function

    imakestuff Level 1

      Okay, here's an example of what I want to do on this site: http://www.templatemonster.com/flash-templates/8549.html

      I am creating my first website in Flash and need help with my Actionscript. I made three buttons, which are inside my intro page movieclip called mcIntro. When you click the buttons, I want it to take them to a frame label on the main timeline (in the case below, "print"). Then I want the movieclip that's on the "print" section to go and play an animation with the frame labeled "in". Then, depending on whether the web section, print section, or main section is visible, I want the section they're leaving to go to the "out" animation. Here's what I did, and it didn't work.

      mcIntro.bPrint.onRelease = function() {
      if (mcWeb._visible) {
      if (mcIntro._visible) {

      Help is appreciated, thanks!