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    New "end" key assignment in CC 7.1

    ElJayBronx Level 1

      Just got the new version. All seems well, some neat things (happen to be working on a multi-cam sequence)...but the "end" key has been remapped to "move selection end" and the normal function (bookended with "home" key) to move CTI to end of sequence was replaced with "shift-end". Can ANYONE come up with a reason why keys we're used to using for years are remapped? What a pain! This one was easy enough to fix but if they change that sneaky little thing, what ELSE have they re-mapped?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I'm not sure I understand.  I'm not seeing any difference between 7.1 and 7.0.1.  Which version were you comparing 7.1 to?

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            ElJayBronx Level 1

            Jim, I have CC and just downloaded 7.1, so coming from 7.0.1 like you.


            ...So I'm editing my MAGIC FLUTE live video and press the "end" key, in the timeline with the CTI in the middle of a clip. Nothing happened. I hadn't thought to load my custom key set yet. Went in and checked keyboard layout and end-of-sequence had been re-assigned to "shift-end"!


            When I reload the default set, however...all is like it should be; the "end" key maps to end-of-sequence and "shift-end" has a different function (in Titles). Will mysteries ever cease?