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    ID CS6: Moving pictures underneath other pictures

    J van E Level 1

      When I select an object that is underneath other objects I noticed that I can move them without any problem when it is either a textframe or, if it is a picture, if it is underneath a text frame. However, when I select a picture frame that's underneath another picture frame and want to move it, I am moving the picture that is on top.


      So... how do you move a picture frame underneath another picture frame...? In previous versions you would see an 'anchor' in the middle of the frame to drag it around but that one seems to be gone?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you selected the container of the image underneath, you could use the keyboard shortcut for selecting the contents:

          shift + esc


          Then you could move the image with the arrows keys  (click, or shift click).
          Dragging the selection should work, if you are not in center of the image above.

          Cannot test right now.




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