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    Problem with Axis modes


      Hi i use AE CS4 on Win7 , the problem is this: i have a two 3d layers in a composition, first layer i rotate +90 deg on X axis with Local Axis Mode switched , after this i select the two layers an switch to World Axis Mode and when i want to rotate they rotate separately(not together) like is in local axis mode.Any ideas what can be the problem, because before may be a month ago this work correctly. Thank You.

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          Unlikely that it ever worked differently. Based on your description everything is as it should be. You are simply experincing gimbal lock, meaning that with Euler rotations due to the math involved you will end up with axes being congruent, effectively eliminating one possible rotation axis. If you want/ need to avoid it, use commonly accepted and proven parenting techniques to decouple individual roations and control rotation order.