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    Premiere Pro CC - Jerky Playback when using the Playback Option (Mavericks)

    bkgarceau Level 1

      I certainly jumped the gun and wished I hadn't, but Mavericks as sort of sunk part of my traditional editng approach. I know, should of waited to upgrade... alas.


      In PPro CC, whenever I have the playback optioned turned on for another monitor, I get stuttery/jerky playback in the program monitor and the playback monitor. When I turn off the feature, I get smooth playback, but have sacrificed the playback monitor, which is quite essential. Has anyone run across this issue or recognize what could be throwing things off?


      This was true in 7.0.1 and the latest update 7.1.0. -- I'm not sure its an Adobe issue, this may be fully on Apple... with high chances of that.


      To try and fix I made sure power nap was turned off on my Adobe Apps and that my Mission control spaces weren't separate for each monitor...




      Running Macbook Retina on Mavericks, Premiere Pro CC, 16 GB Ram...