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    UPDATE: PP Update not recognising preview monitor

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4

      PP 7.1 update is incorrectly identifying monitors. 


      After a clean install of the GTX 680 driver, PP now identifies the RH monitor (1)  as the centre monitor (2), although Windows and nVidia identify them correctly.




      On a 3-monitor nVidia GTX 680 set-up, the RH monitor has, until this 7.1 update, been used at the preview monitor - selected from within PP preferences.


      After the 7.1 upgrade, PP displays intermittent behaviour.


      From the right, my three monitors are indentified as 1,2,3 (the RH monitor being 1) .  When 1 is selected as preview monitor in PP, monitor 3 displays the preview.  No other option places the preview on the right-hand monitor. 


      I have reloaded the nVidia drivers to no avail.


      Is anybody else experiencing this behaviour?