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    SAVING WIP cont'd


      ATR oops closed off query by mistake


      Your blog obviously where I should have begun.


      ONE last issue...since I used timeline to START editing clips (not preview box) have a stream of clips in timeline created from single asset.

      Could not save from there - so.....

      Opened one clip from timeline into Preview box

      Added in/outs just to be sure

      Created new Folder in Project Assets

      But click and drag on clip in preview won't drag into Assets


      If this due to having worked in timeline first - do I need to restart this edit process on this asset, using Preview?

      No sweat if that's so.


      Did not comprehend NTSC DSLR info but will eventually.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Thanks for the follow up.


          If you want the subclip save opportunities, please do the video trimming from the video thumbnail in Project Assets. I have not found that to be a perk when you go the trimming in Preview Windows via the Timeline first route.


          As for NTSC DSLR, some things to think about....


          Your frame rate for the video is either interlaced or progressive.



          Note that in the NTSC AVCHD project preset area of the new project area, most of the offerings are for interlaced video, example 1080i. Check out the description for each of the project presets. If you have progressive video, then you want to find a project preset which includes a progressive frame rate as well as other properties of your source media. So, if you have 1080p, one location to check out is NTSC DSLR 1080p DSLR......


          Please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification on anything that I have written.